Common Dental Problems
By Joseph Kizior, DDS
August 25, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Some of the most common dental problems relate to how straight our teeth are and how well they bite together, or occlude. In other words,dental services if you really want your smile to look its best, your jaw and facial muscles to function well and your teeth and gums to enjoy optimal health, then your orthodontist in Western Springs, IL, can help. Dr. Joseph Kizior provides his patients with a wide range of orthodontic options--from conventional braces to modern Invisalign clear aligners. Whatever your smile issue is, he can help.

Common smile problems

If you believe that tooth decay is a common smile problem, you are correct. In fact, by age 65, a full 91 percent of adults have experienced cavities, reports the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. And, regarding gum disease, the American Dental Association says it's a big reason why people lose their teeth.

So what about crooked teeth? Are they really such a big deal? What's so bad about crowded, gapped or protruding teeth? Of course, self-esteem suffers when we can't smile confidently. Additionally, jaw joint dysfunction (TMJ), destructive teeth clenching (bruxism), decay and gum disease develop when teeth experience undue physical pressures and are just plain hard to clean.

In his Western Springs practice, Dr. Kizior sees these kinds of dental misalignments:

  • Overbite
  • Under bite
  • Cross bite
  • Open bite
  • Abnormal eruption of teeth (either delayed or in the wrong sites)
  • Teeth that are too large, too small or malformed
  • Congenital absence of teeth
  • Orthodontic relapse (teeth shift back to their previous positions after braces are removed)
  • Misplaced mid line
  • Gaps
  • Overcrowding

To avoid the long term effects of these issues, the American Association of Orthodontists asks parents to bring their children to a qualified orthodontist by the age of seven.

What Dr. Kizior recommends

In large part, your treatment options depend on the particulars of your case. For instance, your child may require a palatal expander to widen his or her jaw so teeth move into position correctly. You, as an adult, may be able to use Invisalign clear aligners, instead of traditional metal wires and brackets, to correct your overbite. A simple retainer can avoid the problems associated with orthodontic relapse.

Much depends on your consultation with your orthodontist in Western Springs. He performs complete oral exams, takes impressions and photos and uses other kinds of imaging techniques to determine the best course of action for each of his patients.

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