The Health Benefits of Orthodontic Work
By Joseph Kizior, DDS
May 28, 2019
Category: Orthodontics
Tags: Braces  

Millions of children, teens and, yes, adults wear orthodontic braces—about four million, in fact. While people often associate orthodontic treatment with a desire to craft a more attractive smile, treatment is not motivated by aesthetic appeal alone. Rather, orthodontia carries a number of health benefits as well, such as boosting oral health and alleviating problems such as migraine headaches and jaw joint issues. Read on to learn how your orthodontist in Western Springs, IL, Dr. Joseph Kizior, accurately diagnoses and treats smile alignment problems, giving patients the beautiful, vibrant smiles they deserve!

What are braces?

That's the nickname for orthodontic appliances, and the term typically arises imagery of silvery metal brackets, rubber bands, and archwires. While complex orthodontic cases still require these conventional braces, other options now exist, as well. At our Western Springs office, we provide:

  • Tongue-side, or lingual braces, which are bonded to the back side of teeth (out of view)
  • Invisalign and EZ-Align clear aligners which are thin and discreet in appearance
  • Ceramic braces which can be made tooth-colored or in a variety of colors to please younger patients

Whatever the treatment choice, braces move teeth into more attractive, healthier, and more functional positions. They eliminate poor bites—overbite, crossbite, underbite, and openbite—and correct tooth rotation, tooth tipping, gaps, crowding, and more. Orthodontists, such as Dr. Kizior, not only re-align teeth, but they correct jaw imbalances and issues with facial symmetry, too!


The health benefits of braces

Let's face it—no one really loves wearing braces or aligners. However, patients know that in the long run, they will enjoy benefits such as healthier teeth and gums, clearer speech, better facial balance, and fewer health problems like migraine headaches, ear pain, uneven and excessive enamel wear, and teeth clenching (bruxism).

Additionally, an attractive smile increases self-esteem and confidence. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says that the majority of Americans see a person's smile before they notice any other physical feature. So, a healthy smile creates greater psychological well-being.

Finally, the American Dental Association states that orthodontic treatment can reduce the incidence of gum disease and cavities because straight teeth are much easier to floss and brush.


Are braces in your future?

If you think they are, or should be, please call our Western Springs office to arrange an informative consultation with ourorthodontist. Phone (708) 246-1000 today!