Types of Braces
By Joseph Kizior, DDS
January 11, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Braces   Orthodontics  

Learn about the different orthodontic options you have and find out which one could straighten your teeth.

You are sick and tired of people noticing your crooked teeth or gaps between teeth and ready to get a straighter smile now. Before you orthodonticsplunge right into treatment, there are some things you should know so that you can make informed decisions about any dental treatment you get. Here are some of the different kinds of braces our Western Springs, IL dentist, Dr. Joseph Kizior, has to offer:

Traditional Metal Braces

Chances are these are the type of braces you picture when you think of orthodontics. You probably remember a lot of kids and teens wearing them when you were growing up. Of course, these braces have changed a bit from when you last remember them.

The braces themselves have gotten smaller and newly designed arch wires help to move your teeth more efficiently and quickly but also painlessly. Sure, people will see your braces when you smile but for more complex dental issues this may be the best choice.

Ceramic Braces

Of course, if you have to go the traditional braces route due to more complicated tooth movements or jaw misalignment you can also choose to get braces in Western Springs that are tooth-colored. That’s right! You can get metal brackets and wires to blend in with your smile so that it’s not so obvious at first glance that you have braces on. These braces function the same way as traditional braces they just offer an aesthetic appeal that metal braces can’t.

Lingual Braces

Did you know that our Western Springs general dentist can place braces on the inside of your smile? If you need to have traditional braces but you really loathe the idea of everyone noticing them you may be able to get lingual braces, in which the same brackets and wires used for traditional braces are adhered to the back of your teeth so that they are completely hidden. Of course, this treatment isn’t right for those who play certain instruments or those with moderate to severe underbites.

Clear Aligners

Chances are good you’ve heard about Invisalign, one of the popular ways to straighten your teeth without other people noticing. These clear, custom-made aligners may look like whitening trays but they actually shift teeth into the proper position. These removable aligners also fit into any lifestyle without altering it as much as traditional braces does. This treatment is a great option for older teens and adults.

Are you ready to get that straighter smile? Have questions about braces? We are here to help make your decision easier. Call our Western Springs, IL dental office to schedule your orthodontic consultation.