Which Type of Braces is Right for You?
By Joseph Kizior, DDS
March 20, 2019
Category: Orthodontics
Tags: Braces  

Discover the best solution for getting a straighter smile in Western Springs, IL.

There are many factors that play a role in which type of braces will provide you with the best and most efficient results. After all, our BracesWestern Springs, IL, orthodontist Dr. Joseph Kizior wants nothing more than for you to be happy with your new smile and to experience a smooth-sailing treatment process. Here are the most common types of braces and who may be ideal candidates for these different treatment options.

Traditional Metal Braces

This is most likely the type of braces you picture when you picture braces. They’ve been around for a while and that’s because they often provide the most efficient results, particularly for those dealing with more complex and complicated issues.

Traditional metal braces consist of metal brackets that are interconnected through metal wires, which apply just the right amount of pressure to gradually shift teeth around. Modern-day traditional braces now offer sleeker and more lightweight metal so they are more comfortable.

Just about anyone with a misaligned smile can benefit from metal braces. Those who also need to fix a malocclusion (bad bites), which requires realigning the jaws, will benefit the most from this type of braces.

Traditional Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces function the same way as metal braces the only difference, as you might have guessed, is that these braces use tooth-colored brackets and sometimes even clear wires to make these braces more aesthetically pleasing and less visible.

Because of the cosmetic benefits these braces are a little more expensive than metal braces and it’s also important that you keep them clean, as they are prone to stains. Again, ceramic braces can fix any malocclusion or misalignment.


Invisalign uses a set of clear removable aligners that look similar to whitening trays. These aligners are custom-made based off molds taken of your teeth. Since these aligners are removable you will still be able to eat and drink whatever you like throughout the course of your treatment.

Invisalign is only designed for older teens and adults dealing with crowding, crookedness, gaps between teeth, and malocclusions (e.g. overbites; underbites) because these aligners are custom-made to fit over teeth. The teeth of children and young teens are still growing, which means that this isn’t the ideal orthodontic treatment for them.

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