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By Joseph Kizior, DDS
May 16, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out whether or not a palate expander could improve the alignment of your bite.palate expander

When you think about our Western Springs, IL, orthodontist Dr. Joseph Kizior you may think that he is only able to fixed crooked or misaligned teeth, but that’s not all he can do. He can even tackle jaw development problems. One of the best ways to fix some crooked or crowding smiles caused by jaw problems is through a palate expander. Find out more about the purpose of a palate expander and who might benefit from one.

What is the purpose of a palate expander?

When children’s adult teeth come in, often times the jaws aren’t big enough to handle all of these new teeth. As a result, many children and young teens deal with crowding and other alignment issues. A palate expander can be used on either the upper or lower jaws to expand the palate. If you get an upper jaw palate expander this will stretch out both the cartilage and bone to make room for your teeth. A lower jaw expander, on the other hand, is only used to shift teeth around rather than stretch out the bone or tissue.

What are some dental issues that a palate expander can treat?

As you may already be able to guess, a palate expander will often be used to treat issues such as crowding so there is more room for your teeth to fit properly together. It can also be used to help impacted teeth fully erupt by reducing crowding and providing more space for new teeth to emerge.

While a palate expander can be great for misaligned or crowded teeth it doesn’t necessarily mean that your child might not need braces afterward or in the near future; however, it could certainly reduce the amount of time your child needs to wear braces.

When should I talk to my dentist about getting this orthodontic device?

If your child or teen is dealing with crowded, misaligned teeth or a bad bite (a bite that doesn’t fit together properly) then it’s the perfect time to consult with our Western Springs, IL, orthodontic specialist about whether or not a palate expander is the right choice.

If you think you or your child could benefit from getting this orthodontic treatment in Western Springs, IL, then it’s time you called our office today and scheduled a consultation with Dr. Kizior.